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Despite the Coronavirus Joyous Purim Celebrated in Moldova

Chabad of Moldova brought the joy of Purim to the Jews of Kishinev and the Transnistria, as they do every year. Despite the Coronavirus panic, celebrations continued in Moldova.

The four mitzvot of Purim were expansively fulfilled. In Kishinev, colorful packages of “Mishloach Manos” were distributed all over the city, and there was reading of the Megilla in the synagogue every hour. A grand party was held, decorated with festive ornaments and balloons. The event was followed by spontaneous, joyous dancing. As participants at the event shared, the joy of the holiday was palpable.

A similar event took place for Israeli students who study in Kishinev. Additionally, a grand Purim celebration was arranged for the Jews in Bendery. Another event was arranged for school children on Sunday before the holiday.

No one was forgotten about! All the the celebrations were arranged by our dedicated Shluchim, Rabbi Mendy and Chaya Mushka Axelrod, and Rabbi Shmuel and Chaya Zalmanov.

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