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Sukkot in the Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Community

Sukkot in the Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Community

This year, like every year before the holiday of Sukkot, Arba Minim arrived in our community, which we then distributed to Jewish organizations and to the community of Transnistria.

This year it was especially festive, because the community was treated to a new large sukkah in the courtyard of the central synagogue, which could accommodate any number of guests every day. We celebrated the first two days of the holiday with a large and friendly group. Both adults and children enjoyed delicious, rich meals in the sukkah. Anyone could come during the holiday week to the community sukkah, where our rabbis were waiting for them to help fulfill one of the most important laws of Sukkot – the mitzvah of the “four plants” (Arba minim), when they connect together a lulav – a long unblown branch of a date palm , etrog – citron, adasim – twigs of fragrant myrtle and aravot – branches of a modest willow and a special blessing is pronounced over them.

Our community always makes sure that every Jew can fulfill the mitzvot associated with the holidays. This year, on the roads of Kishinev, one could see an unusual car — in the back of which a real sukkah (mobile sukkah) was installed!

The mobile sukkah was created by the Jewish community “Chabad Lubavitch” for all the Jews of Kishinev who cannot build a sukkah in their yard or come to the synagogue on holidays. Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanov and Rabbi Mendel Axelrod helped all Jews fulfill the commandment of the “Lulav” for 4 types of plants, which every Jew is commanded to do. A mobile sukkah could not only be seen and stopped for the purpose of performing a mitzvah, but you could also call the synagogue and ask for the car to come to your home or work!

A portable sukkah visited the Kishinev airport especially for Jews arriving in the capital who had not yet completed their mitzvah. Dozens of Jews made a blessing immediately after leaving the airport. Convenient and very festive!

Sukkot was also celebrated in Transnistria. This year’s holiday in the city of Bender will remain a special memory in the hearts of all community members. A large sukkah was built here to accommodate the entire community. We are grateful to the Gotzel family for organizing everything necessary for a kosher holiday in Transnistria. There was plenty of space for all the guests, there was delicious food, and everyone was able to do the mitzvah of Arba Minim.

At the end of the holiday week, many Jewish children performed the Lulav commandment for the first time in our sukkah. We were very happy to see all the children who came to the holiday in honor of Sukkot. The children really liked the entertainment program with questions and tasks about the fall holiday, and Nechama Abelsky, who had a birthday that day, prepared an unforgettable surprise for the guests of the holiday: fun games with prizes. We congrulated Nechama by presenting a large cake and singing the traditional song “Ayom Yom Olledet” for her. We are sure that everyone left that day happy, well-fed, and with gifts and sweets!


The Ambassador of Israel to the Republic of Moldova and friend of our Chabad Lubavitch community, Joel Lyon, conveyed the wish to all Jews of Moldova: “Chag Sameach! And happy holidays!” He sent a photograph of himself with his granddaughter in his arms, taken at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

The week of Sukkot celebrations ended with the vibrant holiday of Simchat Torah, when the Jewish people finish reading the Torah and begin again. Many people gathered in the synagogue to pray. When the Torah was brought into the hall, there was a lot of singing and dancing with it. The entire community rejoiced at such a wonderful event, which left an unforgettable feeling of unity and solidarity in the hearts of those present.

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