Rybnitsa Jewish Community

Rybnista Jewish Community

Rybnitsa was founded in 1650. After 1918, the town became part of the Soviet Russia. From 1990, it belongs to Pridnestrovye/Transdniestria. Rybnitsa is an industrial center of the unacknowledged Transdniestrian Republic. A big steel works is situated in the town. Also its industry produces construction materials, food and clothes.

Rybnitsa is situated 110 kilometers from Kishinev. Its population is 700 people. As early as 1800, several dozens of Jewish families lived in Rybnitsa, though the neighboring localities have a longer Jewish history. However, during Rech Pospolita, the Polish rule period, a synagogue functioned in Rashkov. It was destroyed by the Cossacks in the 18th century. Rybnitsa is the regional center for 11 small surrounding towns and villages. Its Jewish population is 450 people and 115 people in periphery.

The Jewish community center of Rybnitsa develops two programs: maintaining the Jewish cemeteries and investigating the Jewish history of Rybnitsa. The /”Hesed Rahel”/ Welfare Center runs both welfare and cultural programs for the community members.

Rybnitsa Jewish Community

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