Daily and Shabbat Prayer Times

To find our more info about prayer times please call:

Rabbi Mendy Axelrod
Mobile: +373-79-407-709
e-mail: bet-chabad@chabad.md



Morning Minyan (Shacharit) 8:30 AM

Mincha – Variant, based on the week’s candle lighting time

Ma’ariv – Variant, based on the week’s candle lighting time



Friday Evening – Kabalat Shabat – 1 Hour after candle lighting

Shabbat Morning – 9:10 AM

Mincha – 15 Min prior to candle lighting

News and Events

Judge Polster: I will definitely come back to Chabad for Shabbat services.

Dear Rabbi, I am a federal judge in Cleveland Ohio, where I belong to two Conservative synagogues and am very active in Jewish community affairs, particularly in the area...

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World Traveler by Harley…..

World Traveler by Harley….. I have been in about 50 countries, always  visiting with the same Harley Davidson. This trip was Germany through Poland to Belarus,...

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Истоки Жизни

Истоки Жизни – Май | Июнь (13-14) 2018 – Ияр | Сиван 5778

Istoky Magazine – May, June 2018 / Iyar, Sivan 5778 За поднятие души Янкелевич Меир Бен Авраам, Йорцайт 5 Ияр Газета...

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