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Chabad Moldova, Chabad Liubavitch Str 8. Chisinau, Moldova MD 2009. Phone: +373 22 541 023

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  • Moldova
       Rabbi Yosef Abelsky,
Chief Rabbi of Kishinev and Moldova
e-mail: Rabbi Abelsky Kishinev 

Rebetzin Leah Abelsky
Rabbi Zushe Abelsky
Director Chabad Lubavitch Moldova
email: Rabbi Zushe Abelsky

Chabad House

Rabbi Mendy Axelrod
Mobile: +373-79-407-709
Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanov



Mrs. Chaya Mushka Axelrod


Kashruth Department

Rabbi Ariel Balon


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Chabad Liubavitch Synagogue
Chabad Liubavitch str 8
Moldova MD 2009

+373 22 541 023


  • USA
Rabbi Zushe Abelsky
Friends of Kishinev Jewry
Tel: +1  718 – 756-0458 (USA)
        +373.78.914.280 (Moldova)
  • Israel
עזרת אחים ידידי יהדות קישינייב ומולדובה :אימייל
Mrs. Rachel Maidanchik
Tel: 972.3.9607.920
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  • News and Events

    Holiday of Freedom; President Sends Wishes to the Jewish Community of Moldova

    Mr. Igor Dodon, president of Moldova, sent a letter of blessings to Rabbi Yosef...

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    Kishinev, Moldova — The Holiday of Passover was brought to life at Chabad Synagogue in Kishinev on Monday and Tuesday.

    The Chabad House Lubavitch of Kishinev Moldova hosted its Model Matzah Bakery...

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    Истоки Жизни

    Истоки Жизни – Март – Апрель (19- 20) — 2019 – Адар II | Нисан – 5779

    Истоки Жизни – Март | Апрель 2019  Yistoki March...

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