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Your donation doubled. The impact tripled and beyond.

Dear friends, First, I want to thank you  for your continuous support towards strengthening our Jewish community in Kishinev and all-around Moldova. You all, have been strong pillars of strength upon which we have leaned many times and it is amazing that on the mark of your support for the Jewish community, we have grown […]

Calendar 5781 Dedication

DEDICATE A DAY IN HONOR OF A LOVED ONE We are offering a special opportunity to dedicate a day to commemorate or uplift the soul of your loved one in the calendar of the Jewish Community of Moldova.  On the day you chose to dedicate, all the activities, prayers and Torah study in the synagogue will […]

Successful Passover in Moldova, Despite Corona Challenges

It all began when two weeks before Pessach (Passover), a sudden closure was declared by the Moldovan government on all it’s borders due to Coronavirus, and put the city in lockdown. This left the Jewish community unable to continue with the regular Passover plans. With the combined efforts of a number of individuals, Chabad of […]

A “Corona” Bar Mitzvah in Moldova

Sasha Z. lives in Drochia, a small village four hours away (175 km) from Kishinev. He is very likely the only Jew there. When he saw on Facebook that Chabad of Moldova had prepared Matzah and Seder kits, he traveled the 175 kilometers to come get one, so that he too could make a Seder. Sasha […]

Passover 2020 will the the first Passover in 30 years with no communal Passover Seder’s

Dear Friend, We hope that is all is well by you and your loved ones, and that you are healthy and safe. Moldova is almost completely under lockdown. As Pessach approaches, Chabad of Moldova has been investing extrenuous efforts to ensure that all the Jews of Moldova will be able to celebrate Pessach this year […]

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