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Under the radar – Jewish community of Pridnestrovia

Chabad of Moldova is centered in the country’s capital, Chisinau. Yet, Chabad does not disregard the surrounding Jewish communities in the cities of Tiraspol, Bender, Rybnitsa and Dubossary.   Chabad emissaries visit the communities of Tiraspol and Bender, teaching Judaic classes as a part of the Kollel Torah international program. They also celebrate all major […]

President Vadim Krasnoselsky to meet representatives of religious faiths of the Republic of Moldova

On Monday, October 28, President Vadim Krasnoselsky initiated a meeting of representatives of all religious faiths of the Republic of Moldova. The Jewish community was represented by the Chief Rabbi of Moldova and Chisinau, Rabbi Yosef Abelsky, and Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanov. In a conversation with the President, they discussed the restoration and repair of Transnistria’s […]

Pre High Holidays Concert, with Chanan Bar Sela

A grand concert took place at the National Philharmonic in Kishinev on the 22nd of September, 2019, featuring Constantin Moskovich of Moldova, and a special guest from Israel, Chanan Bar Sela. They were accompanied by an orchestra, and performed both Jewish melodies and Moldavian classics for a large crowd.

18th Annual Republican Ethnocultural Festival – “Unity through Diversity”

Today in Chisinau in the central park of Stefan Chel Mare launched the 18th ethnic festival, themed “Unity through Diversity”.
Chabad Lubavitch Moldova, according to a long-established tradition, also took part in the celebration. Many stopped by to don Tefillin, hear the shofar and get answers for their questions in Judaism.

Five-Years from the Passing of Chief Rabbi of Moldova – his grandson is opening a chabad house for Israelis

Rabbi Shmuel and Chaya Zalmanov will be joining Chabad’s extensive activities with Moldova’s Jewry this week, which has recently been in significant momentum. They will be joining the two families already present in Moldova, Rabbi Mendy and Mushka Axelrod and Rabbi Mendy and Leah Gutsel, who operate in the cities of Kishinev, Bender, Tiraspol, Dubasari and Beltz.

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