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International Holocaust Day Marked Where Thousands Were Killed

Today on our weekly visit to Transnistria, we had very important visitors, Professor Yoel Rappel and his special wife Dorit. Professor Yoel is the Founder and Director of Elie Wiesel Archive at Boston University. He is very active in maintaining Jewish identity and teaching the youth about their heritage in Eastern Europe, the United States and around […]

Chanukah celebration in Bender and Beltsy

The Jews of the Transnistrian region celebrated Chanukah Dozens of Jews from the city of Bender, centrally located in the central region of Moldova, Transnistria (Приднестровье), celebrated Chanukah with Chabad Shluchim Rabbi Mendy and Leah Gutzel. Transnistria declared its independence in 1991 and following the civil war that broke out, most of the Jews immigrated […]

Chabad of Moldova Marks 30 Years of Dedication to the Jewish Community

The Jewish communities in Chisinau and Moldova suffered immensely throughout our history. Not only were many Jews innocently murdered in the “Chisinau Riotes”, but with the rise of Communism, followed by the Nazis, many Jews were killed and synagogues and Mikvas destroyed and burned, leaving the remaining Jewish communities in shambles. Thirty years ago, during […]

Chanukah Concert to Mark 30 Years of Chabad Moldova

As we approach the 30 year anniversary of Chabad Moldova, the community will join in an inspiring concert, featuring Lev Leibman, a talented violist from Israel. All participants will participate in a grand Menorah lighting, and will be treated to traditional Chanukah doughnuts. The thirty year celebration will empower all to continue to expand and participate in […]

We are depending on friends like you to help support our work in Moldova

Dear Friends, As we approach Chanukah – let us not forget that there are many Jewish people in Kishinev and Moldova continue to experience great challenges in their attempts to support and sustain their lives and the lives of their children and families. Moldova Jews continue to face ongoing struggles in trying to provide food […]

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