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Natalya Yocheved Melnichenko’s birthday

We congratulate Yocheved on this wonderful day and wish her much luck. As the Lubavitcher Rebbe said, when a person has success in business, everything in his life comes together. On behalf of the community, we wish the entire family health and well-being. Let the children grow up to be righteous and respected Jews who […]

Rabbi Abelsky’s son’s bris

Congratulations on your Brit Milah ceremony! Recently, an important Brit Milah ceremony took place in America: the grandson of Rabbi Zushe Abelsky entered into the Abrahamic covenant. A full hall of relatives and friends witnessed this  significant event in the life of every Jewish boy. The baby was given the beautiful and honorable name Menachem […]

Chaya Zalmanov’s birthday

We happy wish Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Zalmanov, wife of Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanova, happy birthday! Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka – coordinator of children’s, youth, women’s and cultural programs at the central synagogue “Chabad Lubavitch”. Wise beyond her years, she has a unique gift to unite people around her, to generously share her warmth, knowledge and joy. We […]

Rabbi Abelsky’s birthday

Dear Rabbi Zushe Abelsky, Happy birthday to you! The Chabad Lubavitch Jewish community in Moldova sincerely thanks you for your invaluable contributions to Jewish life in Moldova. Your dedicated leadreship continues the great work started by your father, uniting Jewish communities across the country. Thanks to your perseverance and diligence, we, the Jews of Moldova, […]

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