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Mazal Tov Gavriel Roitburg

The Central Synagogue Chabad Lubavitch celebrated the bar mitzvah of Gavriel Roitburg. Gavriel, who now lives in Florida, is a son of Chisinau-born parents who were raised and educated in the Chabad school in Chisinau.

Camp Gan Israel of Kishinev got off to a great start!

Camp Gan Israel of Kishinev got off to a great start! With swimming, … and learning to write letters like in a Torah scroll, the children had a blast!

Mazal Tov Mordechai Aaronov

When a Jewish boy turns 13 years old, he celebrates his Bar Mitzvah, when he accepts upon himself to fully observe the Torah’s commandments. Up until then, the boy’s father is considered to be responsible for his son, and at the age of 13, the young man assumes the full responsibility. The Bar Mitzvah boy begins to prepare […]

Marking the Passing of Rabbi Zalman Abelsky ob”m

Dozens of members of the Jewish community in Kishinev gathered for a Hassidic gathering on the 29th of Sivan, to mark the fifth anniversary of the passing of their beloved Rabbi, Rabbi Zalman Abelsky. The participants learned Mishnayot, remembered the past with stories from Rabbi Zalman and took on good resolutions in his merit.

Hundreds of Moldovan Jews gathered for a Lag B’Omer program

Hundreds of Moldovan Jews from the cities of Kishinev, Bednery, Beltsy and Tiraspol gathered for the Lag B’Omer parade and a concert in honor of the Rashbi (Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai), headed by the Chief Rabbi of Moldova, Rabbi Yosef Abelsky. The procession came out with colorful signs, singing and dancing, and marched toward the […]

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