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Sunday school starts at the Kishinev Chabad Lubavitch Synagogue!

This Sunday, Jewish children gathered in the Itzik Manger library to learn more about Judaism and to make friends.  The Chabad Lubavitch Synagogue held a great camp this summer for kids aged 6-12. In order to ensure that camp would not be the only point of contact many children have with Jewish life and Torah […]

EnerJew comes to Kishinev!

EnerJew comes to Kishinev! Today, the opening of the EnerJew club took place in our synagogue.  EnerJew is a Jewish youth group where boys and girls aged 12-17 can have fun while developing and increasing their knowledge of Judaism. The club has more than 50 chapters in all CIS countries, and now Kishinev is also […]

Interview with Toronto Rabbi – Yosef Yitzhak Reznik

We had a special guest visit our shul this September – the humble and wise rabbi from Toronto, Rabbi Yosef Yitzhak Reznik. Rabbi Reznik decided to visit the European cities from his youth: while his family is from Moldova, he was born and raised in Belarus – though he spent his summers with his grandmother […]


The Jewish community Chabad Lubavitch wishes you a happy birthday, Roman! We wish you good health and many years of fruitful work for the benefit of the Jews of the city of Kishinev.  We wish you a year of good luck, happiness, health, many blessings and that you are honored to see the face of […]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELA! Today in the children’s garden, there was a celebration and a huge cake because we celebrated Ela’s birthday! We wish her good health and mazel tov.    

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