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Seminary “School of Madrihov”

Seminary “School of Madrihov” Members of the EnerJew youth club Mordechai Aronov and Gabriel Giter visited the seminary known as the “School of Madrihov.” The EnerJew School of Madrihov educates leaders about a variety of issues in Jewish culture and history, and how to organize young people. We are very glad that they had such […]

Jewish Pride at Moldavian Capital

Jewish Pride at Moldavian Capital A thousand men, women and children from the towns of Kishinev and Beltsy joined a Lag B’Omer Parade in commemoration of the passing of the holy Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. They marched up the main streets of Kishinev with live music and colorful signs, to a park where they had […]

Monumental Jewish Evening in Moldova Inspires

In what was perhaps the largest Jewish event in over 10 years, close to 1000 Jews from all across Moldova gathered in Kishinev’s magnificent Philharmonic Concert Hall for an inspiring evening. The event to honor Jewish life in Moldova was led by Rabbi Zalman Abelsky, OBM, who served as Moldova’s chief rabbi for over half a century


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