Guest Speaker in Moldova- Rabbi Yehoshua Raskin

Guest Speaker in Honor of  19 Kislev in Moldova- Rabbi Yehoshua Raskin

The 19th of Kislev marks the liberation of the first Chabad Rabbi and leader of this generation, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, commonly known as the “Old Rabbi”, or the “Baal HaTanya”.  Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, was imprisoned on account of spreading the teachings of Chabad philosophy for fifty-three days.  His release, on 19 Kislev, symbolizes the freedom granted to Rabbi Shneur Zalman, to spread the teachings of Chabad Chassidus without limitations.

In honor of this auspicious day, a number of gatherings were held in the  community in Kishinev, the capital of Moldova. With the participation of a large crowd of students, and members of the community. At the opening of the main gathering, Rabbi Yosef Abelsky, Cheif Rabbi of Moldova, and Rabbi Mendy Axelrod, addressed the crowd. They were followed by the famous lecturer throughout the CIS, Rabbi Yehoshua Raskin.  Rabbi Raskin excited the crowd, with his warm words. Renowned violinist, Baruch Dubirni, led the singing. Accompanied by the young Shluchim, Shmuel Zalmanov, Menashe Rochwerger, Ariel Ballon, Mendy Gutzel and Mendy Greenberg. A raffle for Sefarim (holy books) was held for all the participants. The gathering continued until the late hours of the night.

Special gatherings were held for the students, led by Rabbi Mandi Axelrod and Shmuel Zalmanov. A gathering for the female students was led by Mrs. Chaya Mushka Axelrod.


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