Jewish community Chabad Lubavitch Moldova

The Chabad community in Kishinev organized a number of events in honor of Shavuot. One of them was the reading of 10 Commandments in the synagogue.

Traditionally, on the night before Shavuot (the day of the giving of the Torah), individuals stay up to study Torah rather than sleeping, and go to Shul in the morning. In the Chabad Lubavitch Kishinev community, the 10 commandments were read for adults in the morning and for children in the afternoon. 20 children attended a special program where they recited 12 pesukim and asked for Mashiach to come. Everyone got toys and kosher ice cream. Afterwards, the lottery took place and the prizes were a gift card for 500 lei and a bike!

Congratulations to the winners, Shlomo Akselrod and David Fiselman!



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