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Food Drive: The Gotsel brothers are back in Moldova.

We are so happy to share with you the news of our latest project with Chabad Moldova and the amazing Gotsel brothers.

The Gotsel brothers are not only our partners, but also mentors and teachers. They have a deep love for the Judaism and a desire to spread its light to every corner of Moldova. They travel to the remote and isolated communities, bringing them books, resources, and support.

This time, they have outdone themselves with a wonderful surprise for the community members: bags of food packed with kosher products and treats Sponsored by friends of Chabad Moldova. They personally handed them out to each family, creating joy and appreciation. This is a beautiful act of kindness and care, especially in these challenging times.

We are so thankful to the Gotsel brothers for their commitment and service to our communities. They are a source of inspiration and a role model for us all. May Hashem bless them for their sacred mitzvah!


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