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The Chief Rabbi of Kishinev met with the Vice-Chairman of the Moldovan Parliament

The Chief Rabbi of Kishinev and the central Chabad Lubavitch synagogue, Rabbi, Mendel Axelrod, met with the Vice-Chairman of the Moldovan Parliament, Mikhail Popsha.

They discussed the activities of the Jewish community organized by Chabad. Mr. Popshoy wanted to know things like: which cities have a Chabad presence, what does the Jewish community in Moldova do, and what are their needs. He assured Rabbi Mendel that the Jewish community can always turn to him for help and he will do everything possible on his part.

The meeting took place before Rosh Hashanah, so Rabbi Axelrod explained to the vice-chairman that this is an important holiday for the entire Jewish people. It is on these days that God decides what the next year will be like for each of us. Rabbi Axelrod told him of tradition of dipping an apple in honey as a symbol of sweets and wishing each other a good year.

Mr. Popshoy congratulated the Jewish people on the upcoming Jewish New Year and wished all residents of Moldova a sweet and good year.

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