Jewish community Chabad Lubavitch Moldova


Dignitaries and Israel’s Moldovan Association members in a Chanukah Party

Dignitaries and Israel’s Moldovan Association members joined from all over the country gathered to A Chanukah party took place in Tel Aviv


Rabbinical Program of Chabad of Moldova Draws Attention For Boosting Jewish Life

The new Chabad smicha program, Tomchei Temimim of Moldova, has been drawing a lot of attention boosting Jewish life and even warranted a local TV station’s interview with Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Abelsky, chief rabbi of Moldova. The smicha program is dedicated to the memory of Rabbi Zalman Tuvia Abelsky OB”M, shliach to Kishinev and head of Jewish life in Moldova for twenty-five years.


Seven ‘Karkaftas’ in Moldova

Chabad of Moldova had the merit to lay Tefillin with seven Yidden who never had the chance previously in their life to put on Tefillin. The significance of laying Tefillin with what is called a ‘Karkafta’ is well known.


New Beginning New Year, Rosh Hashana 5776 in Kishinev Moldova

During Rosh Hashanah, hundreds of Jews attended services at Jewish Community Chabad synagogue in Kishinev, which is run under the leadership of Rabbi Yossef Abelsky, the country’s Chief Rabbi and head shliach.


President of Moldova Meets New Chief Rabbi

The first meeting between president of Moldova, Mr Nicolae Timofti, and new Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Yosef Yitzhak Abelsky took place, at the ceremony of the Moldovan Independence Day. Mr. Timofti found interest in life of the Jews in Moldova, and wished Rabbi Abelsky success in his new position of taking over his late father, Rabbi Zalman abelsky obm, as Chief Rabbi of Moldova.

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