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Moldova Shluchim put Teffilin on dozens of Israeli guest

Hundreds of Israeli supporters of ‘Hapoel Beer Sheva’ have visited Moldova Hundreds of Israeli supporters of ‘Hapoel Beer Sheva’ came to Moldova for a big soccer game between ‘Ha’poel Be’er Sheva’ and Sherif Tiraspol. The Shluchim of Moldova came to put on Tefillin, with the many Jews there.    

Moldova Celebrates Purim with Joy

Hundreds of Jews in Kishinev and surrounding towns gathered on Purim to celebrate as a community and hear the Megillah. Rabbi Yosef Abelsky, shliach to Moldova, together with the shul board and the young rabbinical students, arranged festive Purim meals and parties in Kishinev, Bendery and Tiraspol, bringing joy and holiday spirit to the Jews of Moldova


Monumental Jewish Evening in Moldova Inspires

In what was perhaps the largest Jewish event in over 10 years, close to 1000 Jews from all across Moldova gathered in Kishinev’s magnificent Philharmonic Concert Hall for an inspiring evening. The event to honor Jewish life in Moldova was led by Rabbi Zalman Abelsky, OBM, who served as Moldova’s chief rabbi for over half a century


Israeli consulate to visit Chief Rabbi

Rabbi Yosef Abelsky met with Israeli diplomats in Kishinev, Mr. Mark Basin, and Mr. Gendy Polchuk, the Israeli consulate member in Ukraine.  Rabbi Abelsky presented a brief overview of Chabad of Moldova’s activities in the country. They discussed the situation of the Jewish community, the supply needs to keep their work going and together planned for Moldova’s Jewish future.


Holocaust Victim Memorial in Bendery

Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanov, of Chabad Moldova, recited the Kaddish prayer at the Holocaust Victim Memorial in Bendery, Moldova, on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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