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A walking tour “The Mystery of Jewish Kishinev

On a Sunday morning in October, the Jewish Cultural Center “Kedem” organized a walking tour “The Mystery of Jewish Kishinev.” Naturally, the route passed through the Chabad Lubavitch Central Synagogue – the oldest operating synagogue in Kishinev, which has always been the heart of Jewish communal life in Moldova. Inside the participants were met by […]

Tragedy in Kishinev: Jewish Pogrom of 1903

Tragedy in Kishinev: Jewish Pogrom of 1903 On Friday April 21st, the premiere of the documentary film “The Tragedy of Kishinev: Jewish Pogrom of 1903” took place. The film was made possible with the financial support of the Kishinev City Hall and the Jewish community of Moldova. The film was shot by members of our […]

Passover in Moldova

About 500 people took part in celebrating Passover in Moldova, organized by Chabad Lubavitch, in the cities of Kishinev, Balti, and Bender. Three Seders were held in Kishinev during the first two nights. One of them was conducted in Hebrew for the Israeli community by Rabbi David Axelrod. In the photo, we see the Great […]


Last year, our synagogue received tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees, and we tried to meet the needs of everyone. And over the past month, thousands of people have passed through Moldova on their way to the pilgrimage in Uman. We received them with great warmth and joy. The new synagogue building served as their […]

Distribution of Tefilin to Ukrainian refugees during the Lag B’Omer parade in Moldova

Hundreds of Jewish men, women and children from Kishinev, Belz, and Bendry took part in the huge Lag B’Omer parades in Kishinev. On the eve of Lag B’Omer, a parade of kindergarteners took place in the Rashkanovka neighborhood. Hundreds of toddlers joined in as well for the short march with festive songs. The main event […]

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