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See you soon in the EU!

The representative of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine to the EU, Levi Matusov, who heads the Chabad community house in the French capital, wrote on his Twitter channel: “It’s a pleasure to meet the Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova, Nicu Popescu, in Brussels. Your solidarity with Israel […]

Singer Reb Beri Weber

Singer Reb Beri Weber The famous Hasidic singer, Rav Beri Weber, visited our Central Synagogue in Kishinev. Along with the members of the group who accompanied him to Uman for the “Siyum Masehet” (completion of a tractate in the Talmud), they stopped for a minyan, visited the mikveh, and had a delicious meal.

Holiday of Freedom; President Sends Wishes to the Jewish Community of Moldova

Mr. Igor Dodon, president of Moldova, sent a letter of blessings to Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Abelsky, Chief Rabbi of Moldova. He blessed the Jews of Moldova in honor of Pesach, and noted that Pesach helped the Jewish people survive all the hardships they had experienced in the past, and should continue to do so for the Jewish […]

Experiencing the holiday of freedom – Passover Moldova 2017

Hundreds celebrated the Passover holiday in Moldova In preparation for the Passover holiday, the Chabad Shluchos organized a Matzah bakery. Enabling dozens of children, and adults, to come experience the baking of Matzah. Many hundreds of Jews took part in lavish Passover Seders throughout Moldova, in the capital city of Kishinev and in the Pridenistre […]

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