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Chanukah in Bender – Holiday trip!

On the third day of Chanukah, Rav Mendel and Lea Gotzel made a trip to Bender. Each year, a special Chanukah candle-lighting festival and banquet are held. Despite the pandemic, about fifty people gathered for the celebration this year.  The Chairman of the Bender Jewish community, Mark Finkelson, as well as a representative from the […]

International Holocaust Day Marked Where Thousands Were Killed

Today on our weekly visit to Transnistria, we had very important visitors, Professor Yoel Rappel and his special wife Dorit. Professor Yoel is the Founder and Director of Elie Wiesel Archive at Boston University. He is very active in maintaining Jewish identity and teaching the youth about their heritage in Eastern Europe, the United States and around […]

Experiencing the holiday of freedom – Passover Moldova 2017

Hundreds celebrated the Passover holiday in Moldova In preparation for the Passover holiday, the Chabad Shluchos organized a Matzah bakery. Enabling dozens of children, and adults, to come experience the baking of Matzah. Many hundreds of Jews took part in lavish Passover Seders throughout Moldova, in the capital city of Kishinev and in the Pridenistre […]

Moldova Holds Passover Sedorim Across the Country

Hundreds of Jews across Moldova participated in Sedorim that took place in cities across the country. The main Seder was in Kishinev, led by the Shliach of Moldova, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Abelsky

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