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Summer at Camp Gan Israel Kishinev Moldova 2022
On August 15th, Camp Gan Israel began in Kishinev for the 32nd year in a row. Each day begins with a dance, the camp anthem, and the modeh ani prayer.

The camp makes sure that each child becomes familiar with Jewish life and customs: Kosher food, Kippas for boys, books from Israel, Jewish music. 

Camp takes place at the Museum of Natural History in the center of Kishinev. On the first day, the museum organized a guided tour for the kids to get acquainted with the facility. There were also master classes in pottery and writing. 

Each day after lunch, activities such as trampolines, roller skates, parks, and many more surprises are planned. There is even a Jewish library in the camp – a dedicated space with comfortable chairs and ottomans where everyone can take a book and read or look at pictures in their free time. 

While over 100 campers wanted to attend the camp, there was only room for 30 – including several from Ukraine. Madrihot flew in from Israel for two weeks to share their expertise and implement an incredible camp for the campers. 

But we need your help to continue to make Camp Gan Israel such a success. With growing demand and expenses, the cost to run the camp keeps increasing. Please click here to generously support Camp Gan Israel and allow us to continue this important work year after year.

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