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Successful Passover in Moldova, Despite Corona Challenges

It all began when two weeks before Pessach (Passover), a sudden closure was declared by the Moldovan government on all it’s borders due to Coronavirus, and put the city in lockdown. This left the Jewish community unable to continue with the regular Passover plans.

With the combined efforts of a number of individuals, Chabad of Moldova was able to import proper Matzos for all those who needed in Kishinev from Israel and Odessa. Additionally, they brought in more items from Ukraine, to enable everyone to conduct his own Seder in his home. This is the first time in thirty years that a grand public Seder have not been held in Moldova.

We have sent hundreds of “Seder Kits” to Jews all over Moldova, with wine and Matzos and a detailed Russian Haggadah. 

At the same time, we made sure Jews would sell their Chametz online and prepare for the Seder through a promotional video. We sent packages with food to many in need as well, including the Simanei HaSeder (Seder Plate).


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