Еврейская община Хабад Любавич Молдова

The Kishinev Synagogue Renovations

The Kishinev Shul has been the spiritual home for the Jews of Moldova for 130 years. Tragically during the war, the Nazis destroyed the shul and executed Moldova’s Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Yehuda Leib Tsirelson, along with forty other Jewish leaders. During the time of despair the shul was rebuilt by the Jewish community, who was so dedicated to its survival. 

Chief Rabbi Zalman Abelsky arrived in Moldova in 1989 to uplift a broken community that had been living under communist oppression. Rabbi Zalman reignited Jewish life, which was centered around the shul. Ever since, Chabad has provided vital humanitarian support and has provided meals to every hungry member of the Jewish community. Rabbi Zalman’s son, Rabbi Yosef Abelsky, currently serves as Chief Rabbi of Moldova.

Chabad provides countless opportunities through the shul for Jewish education and activities in order to keep Jewish tradition alive in Moldova.

The Kishinev Shul is currently undergoing a much-needed renovation. The renovation will better serve the needs of Kishinev Jewry while still honoring the history of the shul.

We need your help to build and continue supporting the humanitarian and spiritual needs of the Jewish community in Moldova.

Please help us complete the construction to give our community the shul it deserves.

Help us honor our past while building for our future!

Support us now at www.charidy.com/kishinevshul

Getting ready for the big renovation!
Rendering of the new plan
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