Еврейская община Хабад Любавич Молдова

If you are coming to Moldova, we are happy to cater for you delicious, Kosher meals. All meals are Glatt Kosher, and are prepared in our kitchen. Under the strict supervision of Rabbi Yosef Hakohen Abelsky, Shlita.

The following are your Kosher options: 

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If you are here for Shabbos, you are welcome to join us at Central Synagogue Chabad Lubavitch for delicious Shabbos meals
We also offer catered meals as a special arrangements for groups (which can be delivered to your hotel). To contact us for possibilities, e-mail kosher@kishinev.org.
Soup Kitchen Offers Warm Meals to People in Need
We serve approximately 30,000 free meals a year. These meals make all the difference to the people who depend on them. Your support will put smiles on many faces. It will make a difference for them and their families. Click here for more info


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