Еврейская община Хабад Любавич Молдова

In 2020, Chabad of Moldova started a playgroup for young Jewish children in Moldova. The playgroup is run by Chaya Zalmanov, who spent four years studying early childhood education in Israel. 

In addition to serving as a catalyst for Jewish tradition among the Jewish community in Moldova, the playgroup also has a humanitarian mission. We are able to provide the children with hot, Kosher meals that they would likely not be able to receive at home. 

In just a year, we can already see the impact the playgroup has had not just on the children, but on the families of our students. We are able to get to know the families in a more intimate way, and identify their humanitarian needs. Unfortunately, in our impoverished community, all of our families have humanitarian needs. Not only do we offer the playgroup free of charge, but we support our students with hot Kosher meals and assist with providing housing opportunities and medical care for their families when necessary. 

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