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Rabbi Abelsky’s birthday

Dear Rabbi Zushe Abelsky,

Happy birthday to you!

The Chabad Lubavitch Jewish community in Moldova sincerely thanks you for your invaluable contributions to Jewish life in Moldova. Your dedicated leadreship continues the great work started by your father, uniting Jewish communities across the country. Thanks to your perseverance and diligence, we, the Jews of Moldova, have a special place for you in our hearts. Religious life in Kishinev today is rich and diverse thanks to your work and inspiration, which you share generously with others.

In all your endeavors, it is clear that you are always concerned with people, their needs, and creating opportunities for their spiritual and personal growth.

We congratulate you on your birthday! We wish you good health and more energy to implement the most daring plans. May God bless you and your family with generous blessings!

Best wishes,

The Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Community

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