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Purim for Israeli Students in Moldova 5773


Every time there’s a Jewish holiday, Chabad of Moldova’s student division is on hand to cater to the many Israeli students who are studying at the university in Kishinev, strengthening their Jewish identity.

This year, Purim was no different, with Megillah readings for the students at the Chabad synagogue in Kishinev and the distribution of mishloach manot gift packages. Of course, these packages were very well-received, as they included the students’ favorite Israeli snacks – a warm reminder of home. And at the dorms, Chabad volunteers put on tefillin with male students.

And Purim wouldn’t go by without a traditional farbrengen with the Chief Rabbi of Moldova, Rabbi Zalman Abelsky and the young student rabbis from Israel, Shmuel Zalmanov and Baruch Schneur Nachshon.

The following day, Shushan Purim, a special lecture was held for the students in Kishinev, strengthening their interest in Judaism and Chassidic philosophy.








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