Pesach in Kishinev & Moldova 5774


The Federation of Chabad-Lubavitch Jewish communities in Moldova reports that matzos and Pesach leaflets were distributed to Jews in Argayev, Bendery, Balti, Dubasari, Grigoriopol, Tiraspol, Soroca, Cahul, Ribnita, Rezina, and more. The matzos were delivered to Chabad shuls and chessed centers around the country.

At the same time, home visits were paid to elderly and housebound women throughout Kishinev, capital of Moldova by Rebbitzen Abelsky, wife of Moldova’s Chief Rabbi Zalman Abelsky, Chabad representatives, and students of the Chamesh Institute.

Pesach letters

The Chabad Youth Organization in Kishinev printed out a translation of a letter from the Rebbe into Russian, and it was displayed in Jewish centers around the city, attracting much interest.

The Chief Rabbinate of Kishinev also produced a letter, which was sent out to Jewish communities in Kishinev before Pesach. In it, Rabbi Abelsky explained the meaning of Pesach and sent his good wishes and blessings to the community.

Activities for children in Kishinev

Jewish schoolchildren in Kishinev took part in a matza bakery, where they learned how matza is prepared and baked. They also participated in model Sedarim, watched videos about Pesach, received Tzivos Hashem leaflets, and received Haggadahs especially produced for children.

Tefillin in Kishinev

During the days leading up to Pesach, young student shluchim put on tefillin with many Jewish men, for some of whom it was their first time.

Other Pesach preparations

Other Pesach preparations also took place in Kishinev, including the production of kosher wine for Pesach and the showing of a special video explaining the laws of practices of the festival.

Handmade shemurah matzos were distributed at meetings of Jewish community leaders, to businesses, and to many other Jews in the city.

Pesach activities

On erev Pesach, Jews were able to burn their chametz in the courtyard of the shul in Kishinev.

Israeli students living and studying in Moldova were not left out. Various shiurim were given on the subject of the laws of Pesach, and volunteers put on tefillin with the students and gave them explanatory Pesach booklets.

The students also sold their chametz with Chabad. Hundreds received matzos from Chabad, which were distributed at their dormitories and apartments around Kishinev.

On Pesach itself, communal Sedarim were held for dozens of students.

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