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Passover in Soroca
Soroca: A City with a Rich History. Located up north in Moldova, close to Ukraine, Soroca sits alongside the beautiful Dniester River, just about 160 kilometers away from the capital, Kishinev.
Back in the day, Soroca was home to a bustling Jewish community. Rabbi David Shlomo Eibeschitz, a well-known figure, brought Chassidic teachings to the city and even set up the region’s first yeshiva. In 1897, Soroca had over 8,000 Jews, making up more than half of the city’s population. They were mostly farmers, growing things like tobacco and grapes.
Before World War II, Soroca’s Jewish life was vibrant, with schools, hospitals, and care homes for the elderly. But sadly, when the Nazis came, they wiped out the whole community. Today, only a handful of Jews remain.
The community in Soroca built a monument to honor those lost in the Holocaust. Unfortunately, during the war in Gaza, the monument was vandalized with anti-Semitic messages.
When the Gotsel brothers from Chabad Moldova visited Soroca, it wasn’t just any visit. They came to show support against the anti-Semitic attack, talked about Passover, and distributed food boxes and Matza to those in need. This was their second visit in 2024, bringing hope and reminding the community that they’re not alone.
Despite our ambitious goal to reach out and support every Jew, we are in need of financial assistance. We invite you to participate in this crucial project that brings hope and festive joy to thousands of people.”
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