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Farbreingen was dedicated to the day of liberation of the First Lubavicher Rabbi. This day has become a holiday for all the Jews, since by liberating the Rabbi, Emperor Pavel recognized the Hasidism in Russia.

February 2007 – Riva Rozner Yistoky

I Am Content with My Fate
Every time I meet one of the representatives of the large family of the principal rabbi of Chisinau and Moldova – Rabbi Zalman Abelsky, I am impressed with the solidarity of the members of this family and their loyalty to the commandments of Torah and Jewish traditions.

Bar-Mitzva in the Capital

Bar-Mitzva in the Capital
A great event has been celebrated with a special solemnity in the family of the president of the society of Jewish mountain people in the Moldova Republic – Miss Alexandra (Shabtaya) Hanucaeva – the bar-mitza of her son Afraim.

Mr. Krakow visited Rabbi Zalman Abelsky

Mr. Krakow visited Rabbi Zalman Abelsky, the Rabbi of Chisinau and Moldova, with whom he talked about the position of the religious society HABAD-LIUBAVICH within the state. The discussion took place in a warm and friendly air with the great mutual understanding of both parties.

February 2007 – Natalia Zorina [Yistoky]

Avigdor Liberman: “In Israel, the religion and the state are inseparable.”
In the capital of Moldova, Avigdor Liberman, Vice-Premier of Israel and native of Chisinau came from Israel for a private visit. In the Jewish campus KEDEM, he met with activists of the local Jewish community who wanted news about their native country from first-hand sources. At the beginning, the honorable guest made a capacious and brilliant opening speech.

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