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A new, modern Mikvah! Construction has begun.

This week the Jewish community in Moldova saw a literal breakthrough! 

Ground was broken and construction commenced for the building of a new, spa-like Mikvah in Kishinev, Moldova. Rabbi Zushe Abelsky, director of Chabad of Moldova, shared that “The implications of this Mikvah project affect the very core of family life here in our community, now, and for generations to come. We are very excited that this monumental project is now underway.”

The Mikvah project comes on the heels of many new initiatives for the women and girls of the Kishinev community, spearheaded by the four dedicated Shluchos. In May this year, the Shluchos pioneered an inspirational women’s trip to Crown Heights. Many of the participants shared that after hearing about the Rebbe and 770 for so many years, it was extremely moving to walk into 770 and spend time in the Rebbe’s vicinity.

The fact that the Moldovan Jewish community has had its own ladies Mikvah for the last 15 years is not something to be taken for granted. Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe, and the Mikvah would never have been possible if not for the generous support and involvement of Rabbi Yitzchok and Shaindel Raitport. 

As the community continues to thrive and grow, the need for a new, modern Mikvah has become increasingly apparent. Thanks to the Shluchos influence, more and more young women in the community are keen to take on the Mitzvah of family purity, and will certainly do so with access to a more modern and luxurious Mikvah. 

Please take part in this meaningful project by making a donation below. Your support will enable the entire Jewish community to feel comfortable and motivated to keep one of the most fundamental Mitzvos in the Torah.


Shana Tova U’metuka

Rabbi Zushe Abelsky
Director Chabad Moldova

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