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Passover 2020 will the the first Passover in 30 years with no communal Passover Seder’s

Dear Friend,

We hope that is all is well by you and your loved ones, and that you are healthy and safe.

Moldova is almost completely under lockdown. As Pessach approaches, Chabad of Moldova has been investing extrenuous efforts to ensure that all the Jews of Moldova will be able to celebrate Pessach this year in quarantine. Passach 2020 will the the first Pessach in 30 years with no communal Pessach Seder.

We had to bring in Matzos from three different places, Dnieper, Kiev and Israel, due to the large demands and closed borders. Thanks to many dear friends of ours and Jewish organizations, getting Matzos to Moldova became a reality.

We also prepared beautiful “Seder To Go” kits, with everything one needs to do the traditional Pessach Seder in their own homes with their families. The kits include wine, Maror, a beautiful Russian Haggadah with clear instructions and much more.

For the Jews in the Transnistria, sending Matzvos and Pessach kits was even more difficult. With the hard work of many people and many extra expenses, we succeeded in sending them all that they need to celebrate the holiday.

Dear friend, your support is needed now more than ever. The stability of our community in these difficult and uncertain times is dependent on your support. 

I impart my sincere wishes and blessings to you and your family to stay safe and healthy.

Best Wishes for a Kosher and Happy Passover

Zushe Abelsky

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