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Kishinev, Moldova — The Holiday of Passover was brought to life at Chabad Synagogue in Kishinev on Monday and Tuesday.

The Chabad House Lubavitch of Kishinev Moldova hosted its Model Matzah Bakery and Passover Experience giving children and families the chance to learn about the holiday and make their own Matzah.

The Model Matzah Bakery is modeled after the famous Hand Shmura Matzah Bakeries in Brooklyn and Jerusalem. The event gave families hands-on experience in the baking process from choosing the kernels of wheat to kneading the roll.

Rabbi Shmulik Zalmanov Chabad Rabbi, says Matzah is a “food of faith”. He says the annual event is important in educating families on the importance of the holiday.

“This makes the holiday come alive. It gives kids the opportunity to see what they’re eating,” said Rabbi Zalmanov.

“When kids are eating the Matzah on Passover night they can understand how it’s made and what goes into it.”

Shmura, which means “watched” in Hebrew, is used to describe the round hand made Matzahs in which the wheat is carefully watched and protected from any contact with water from the moment of harvest on until the Matzahs are ready to be kneaded into dough and baked.

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