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Mazal Tov Leon Falkov on his Bar Mitzvah!

When a Jewish boy turns 13 years old, according to the Torah he has the obligation to observe the mitzvot – the commandments. He becomes a bar mitzvah – obligated to perform the mitzvot. Until this age, a child is not required to keep the commandments. His father, as the sages ruled, teaches him to observe them.
On this day, the family usually arranges a meal and celebration. They rejoice that the child is hereon obliged to observe the mitzvot. The commandments are an amazing gift that God gave us!

Bar Mitzvah is celebrated as a wedding. On this day the boy receives a holy, supreme soul, a “piece” of the throne of the Glory of the Most High.
Chabad Lubavich Moldova prepares boys for this auspicious day. During the year before Bar Mitzvah, the Chabad rabbis conduct in-depth training for the boy. They learn the traditions and commandments in accordance with the laws of Judaism.

The very day of the child’s Jewish birthday becomes a holiday not only for his family, but for the entire community. Many bar mitzvahs have been celebrated in Chabad Moldova.

Last week we celebrated the 13th birthday of Leon Falkov. Look what a celebration his family and the Chabad Lubavitch community gave León!
You can also arrange for your son to prepare for Bar Mitzvah and celebrate this important day in his life.

The chabad rabbis, Rabbi Mendy Axelrod (+373 794 07 709), Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanov (+373 794 46 536), Rabbi Mendy Gotsel (+373 799 47 708) will conduct all the necessary training and education for the boy.
Mazal Tov, Leon Falkov!

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