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Jewish Moldova Purim 5781 around the clock

Hundreds of Jews in Moldova took part in the joy of Purim thanks to our dedicated Rabbis and Rebbetzins of the Axelrod, Gotzel, and Zalmanov families.

As in many places, the coronavirus is hitting strongly in Moldova these days. Many people shut themselves in their homes and avoid large crowds. Chabad Moldova took on the initiative and reached as many Jews as possible in the cities of Kishinev, Belz and Bendery. Purim kits were distributed, including a Megillat Esther, a holiday newspaper and an elegant parcel as a gift from the European Rabbinical Center. Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanov read the Megillah multiple times at all hours, allowing people to participate while keeping to guidelines of the department of health.

A grand program was held in the Chabad Shul, consisting of Megillah reading, a Seudah (feast) and a fun program for all ages.

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