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Happy and Kosher Passover
I wish a sincere mazel tov to you on one of the most important holidays of the Jewish people – Passover.

We must remember that this holiday asks us to focus on the future – on our children. Children are the main participants in the Passover Seder. At the Seder, we perform a series of unusual – even strange, at first glance – rituals, precisely in order to provoke the children to ask questions.

I wish that Passover will be a joy for all Jewish children in the world who will gather on this day at the festive table. We must do our best to ensure that all our children come to the Seder and celebrate this holiday with us. Only then can we be sure that the future of our people is secured.

Happy and Kosher Passover to all! May we be honored to Celebrate Passover in the Temple next year!

Rab Zushe Abelsky

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