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Foreign Minister Eli Cohen’s historic visit to Chabad Moldova
Foreign Minister Eli Cohen’s historic visit to Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, has marked a significant moment as it is the first time in many years that such a senior Israeli minister has visited the country.
Accompanied by Israeli Ambassador to Moldova Yoel Leon, Minister of Jerusalem and Israeli Tradition Rabbi Meir Porush, and MK Eliyahu Revivo, Minister Cohen embarked on a tour of the central Synagogue “Glazer Shul – Chabad.
The Glazer Shul-Chabad is the only synagogue in Moldova that has remained active for an impressive 130 consecutive years, even during the communist era. Recently, the synagogue underwent extensive renovations, symbolizing the resilience and dedication of the Jewish community in Moldova. Upon their arrival, Minister Cohen and his delegation were warmly welcomed by the heads and rabbis of the Jewish communities in Moldova, including Rabbi Zushe Abelsky, the son and successor of the influential Rabbi Zalman Abelsky.
Minister Cohen expressed his excitement about the visit and commended Rabbi Abelsky and the Chabad representatives for their exceptional leadership within the Jewish community. Minister Porush also recognized the contributions of the Chabad emissaries in Chisinau, acknowledging the Jewish revival they have spearheaded since the 1990’s. He specifically praised the active Chabad house at the airport, which greatly enhanced his own experience upon arrival.
MK Revivo expressed his belief that the Chabad community in Moldova would offer their assistance to Jews traveling to Uman by volunteering at the hub in Chisinau. He extended his blessings to the Chabad community for their impactful activities and their positive influence worldwide.
During his visit, Foreign Minister Cohen held meetings with Moldovan President Sandu and Foreign Minister Popescu. The discussions centered around the preparations for the arrival of thousands of travelers in Moldova who are en route to Uman. Moldova has gained significant prominence in the European arena in recent years and is a candidate for membership in the European Union. Due to its shared border with Ukraine and the ongoing conflict, Moldova has become a central hub for individuals traveling to Uman during Rosh Hashanah. Rabbi Zushe Abelsky attributes this to the closure of Ukraine’s airspace and the active role played by Moldova’s Jewish community in rescuing refugees from Ukraine, providing them with essential necessities such as food, shelter, and medical care.
Foreign Minister Eli Cohen’s visit to Chisinau serves as a testament to the strengthening ties between Israel and Moldova and the appreciation for the vibrant Jewish community in the country.
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