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Chanukah in Balti – The Fourth Night of Chanukah

Each year, the rabbis of the Chabad Lubavitch Synagogue in Kishinev traditionally spend some time in other cities in Moldova where this is a Jewish community but no rabbi. On the 29th of Kislev, Rabbi Mendel made a trip to Balti and organized a meeting with the Jewish community there. 

After the meeting, the group lit the fourth Chanukah candle together. Rabbi Mendel spoke about the story of Chanukah and about what the holiday means today. He gave everyone their own Chanukiah and Chanukah candles. The group sang traditional songs amidst a warm holiday atmosphere. Rabbi Mendel also brought amazing donuts with him for the group to share – sufganiyot – which are not only traditional Chanukah donuts, but also delicious! 

Rabbi Mendel spoke about the different reasons why we eat sufganiyot on Chanukah. 

Those who attended the meeting expressed gratitude to Rabbi Mendel for his attention and care. 

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