Jewish community Chabad Lubavitch Moldova
Chanukah events take place in Kishinev – with lots of warmth and joy

During the month of Kislev, Jews from all over the world celebrate Chanukah.

One of the main themes of Chanukah is to bring light to the whole world. This year, more than ever, the Jewish community of Chabad Moldova has become a source of warmth, light and joy.

In accordance with the Covid-19 restrictions, Chanukah events took place with the necessary caution – and with lots of warmth and joy. Every day, the community joined in the Menorah lighting and enjoyed some holiday food. On the last day of Chanukah, locals and non locals gathered on zoom to hear Yiddish melodies and Chanukah inspiration from Rabbi Cantor Berel Zaltzman from New Jersey.

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