Chanukah 5776 – A Message of Unity Across Moldova


Jews of Bendery gathered for a Yud Tes Kislev farbrengen, marking the Rosh Hashanah, New Year, of Chassidus. In preparation for Chanukah, Menorahs were give out, men put on tefillin and Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanov taught Chabad niggunim of the Alter Rebbe. He shared the history of Chabad and the Alter Rebbe and went on to bless everyone with a l’chaim for a ‘good new year filled with Chassidus.’

A Message of Unity Across Moldova 

Despite the difficulties of border crossing, the Chabad rabbinical students traveled to Tiraspol to share Jewish pride and unity during the year of Hakel. These young shluchim gave out Chanukah kits, complete with Menorahs and candles, Chanukah information and traditional sufganiot, Chanukah doughnuts.

The rabbinical students also traveled to Bendery to put together a giant Chanukah party that attracted others from nearby towns. This menorah lighting and moving Mincha prayer, left everyone with a deep feeling of Jewish pride.

This year, the Jews of Tranistria, in addition to accepting physical aid, are also strengthening their spiritual connection the work of Rabbi Yosef Abelsky.

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