Celebrating 26 Years of Chanukah in Moldova

Each night of Chanukah the Great Chabad Synagogue of Moldova hosted a festive Menorah lighting. The place was filled with professionals, students and families, for a joyous Chanukah celebration, complete with traditional ‘sufganiot’ – doughnuts. This Chanukah marked 26 years of Chabad in Moldova.
During the eight days of Chanukah, the Chabad rabbinical students traveled to nearby cities to help Jews lay tefillin, give out menorahs and candles, and share the message of Chanukah and holiday spirit.
Spreading the light of Chanukah in downtown Kishinev, Mr. Simcha Buzor, Chabad representative, and Mr. Emil Grinshpon lit the grand menorah. Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanov then spoke about the day and sang Hanerot Halalu before of thousands of passerby’s.
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