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Gathering in Honor of the 10th of Shevat

The 10th of Shevat is an auspicious day in the Jewish calendar, marking the leadership of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, and the passing of the Previous Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson. In honor of this, a gathering was held in the Chabad Synagogue in Kishinev. Many came out in the cold weather and snow to […]

Spreading the Chanukah Light – Moldova 5779

Moldova was truly illuminated with the light of Chanuka this year. Over twenty events took place, in the cities of Kishinev, Beltz, Bender and Tiraspol. Some were geared for adults, some for children and some for Israeli college students learning in Moldova. In addition, Chabad made home visits, to light the Menorah with people and […]

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Friday Torah portion: Kishinev: Belz: Bender: Tiraspol: Пятница Шаббат, глава Торы: Кишинёв: Бельцы: Тирасполь: Бендеры:   יום שישי פרשת השבוע: קישינב בלצי טירספול בנדר   Пятница Шаббат, глава Торы: Кишинёв: Бельцы: Тирасполь: Бендеры:       Kishinev, Moldava Saturday Torah portion: Light Candles at: Shabbat Ends:     and then, if you want to display […]

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