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Passover 2009 in Kishinev

Monday, April 6th, our first day in Kishinev, we went to the park in the center of the city, enjoying the green scenery and nice weather. While the people in the park were very calm, there was in a short distance away from us a demonstration going on questioning the accuracy of the results of the latest elections. We didn’t even know it was so serious. Damage to the parliament was severe. Many people were arrested and sentenced to many years in jail.

Hundreds and hundreds of Jews stood in line to receive Matzo and food for the Passover holiday

Despite the difficulties as a result of the global economy crisis,  tons of Matzos where distributed at the Chabad Jewish Community Kishinev, Moldova. Hundreds and hundreds of Jews stood in line to receive Matzo and food for the Passover holiday.  People took the opportunity to carry out the old tradition of selling the “chometz” before Passover .

Hundreds Rally in Kishinev Moldova To Support Israel

Kishinev, Moldova. – Hundreds of people came out Wednesday in a show of solidarity to take a stand in support of Israel.

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It was nice to seat and rest before going to Shabbat at the Glazier’s synagogue (from Beit Chabad).


Chanukah Party at the Chabad Pre School

The Chabad Lubavitch pre-school center of Kishinev held one of the brightest and joyous Chanukah events this year. Titled “Chanuka candles” the kids together with their teachers demonstrated how merrily and fascinatingly one can celebrate Chanuka: they sang songs, played a game and ate delicious doughnuts.
Rabbi Mendi Zalmanov spoke about the history of the holiday, and Rabbi Rahamim Belinki lit Chanukah candles.

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