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We congratulated 80 elderly Jews on the high holidays

On September 21, the Chabad Lubavitch Jewish community along with the support of the Global Jewish Relief Network, congratulated 80 elderly Jews on the high holidays and presented them with boxes of food with everything they needed for the holidays. Everyone also received a Jewish calendar for the year 5784 as a gift. Everyone was […]

The Chief Rabbi of Kishinev met with the Vice-Chairman of the Moldovan Parliament

The Chief Rabbi of Kishinev and the central Chabad Lubavitch synagogue, Rabbi, Mendel Axelrod, met with the Vice-Chairman of the Moldovan Parliament, Mikhail Popsha. They discussed the activities of the Jewish community organized by Chabad. Mr. Popshoy wanted to know things like: which cities have a Chabad presence, what does the Jewish community in Moldova […]

As all borders close, Chabad Moldova & GJRN host the largest local shechita for thousands of guests

Chabad Moldova, in collaboration with the GJRN led by Rabbi Eliezer Avtzon, recently organized a large-scale Shechita in Floreni, Moldova. This event took place amidst the worsening of the war and the blockade of goods at the border between Ukraine and Moldova. The main concern is to provide the local community and the many guests […]

A new, modern Mikvah! Construction has begun.

This week the Jewish community in Moldova saw a literal breakthrough!  Ground was broken and construction commenced for the building of a new, spa-like Mikvah in Kishinev, Moldova. Rabbi Zushe Abelsky, director of Chabad of Moldova, shared that “The implications of this Mikvah project affect the very core of family life here in our community, now, and […]

Blast at our Summer Camp – Gan Israel 2023

We had a blast at our summer day camp “Gan Israel”! We learned so much, had so much fun, enjoyed so many activities, participated in so many master classes, made so many new friends, and sang and laughed so much. Gun Israel camp is more than just learning, it’s also having a great time! We […]

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