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Rosenwasser Bar Mitzvah

The Chabad Lubavitch Jewish community in Moldova wishes a sincere congratulations to Shmuel Rosenwasser and his family on his Bar Mitzvah! This young man is now entering adulthood, becoming a full member of the Jewish community. Let’s wish him Mazel Tov! May Shmuel continue on his path, growing and enriching himself with knowledge of the […]

Cohen Upshernish

The Chabad Lubavitch Jewish community of Moldova wishes the warmest congratulations to Yosef and Mical Cohen on the upshernish of their son Levi Chaim. Here are some words from our rebbe: “Regarding the first haircut – upshernish – it is known that this is a great custom of the people of Israel with its basis […]

Course “Moadon”: a new stage in the development of education in the synagogue

Several months have passed since the launch of the innovative project “Moadon ” in our synagogue. This project is a series of courses conducted for Jewish children every day after school, where they are enriched with knowledge and participate in exciting activities aimed at acquiring new skills. The students study writing and reading in various […]

Kindergarten Goodbye Party

In the Chabad Lubavitch kindergarten, a farewell party was held in honor of Rabbi Mendy Gotzen and his family as they move to Bender. In the kindergarten, a warm farewell party took place since Rabbi Gotzel and his family have decided to dedicate their time to the city of Bender. With joy and sadness in […]

Bar Mitzvah Club: Preparation for an Important Step in the Life of Jewish Boys

The Bar Mitzvah ceremony is an especially significant event in the life of Jewish boys. It marks the transition from childhood to adulthood and responsibilities before God and the community. The Bar Mitzvah Club in our synagogue has become a unique place where boys turning 13 can receive appropriate preparation under the leadership of Rabbi […]

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