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Camp Gan Israel – A proud mom

Camp Gan Israel

Day Camp Gan Israel took place in Chisinau this summer! Despite how unusual the state of the world is right now, the Jewish children’s camp Gan Israel took place this year with G-d’s help! 

For two weeks, a cheerful group of boys and girls from ages one, three, and all the way to 15 gathered under one roof. What could unite them? Undoubtedly, Jewish life, Jewish values, and Jewish traditions. Our children began the day with group prayers and delicious treats, and then are divided into different groups by age for a variety of wonderful activities.

Fun trips to the sports and gaming centers of the city were also offered, where our team showed not only joy from fun and games, but also exemplified their best behavior, appearance, and good manners, among other things! Not having time to dine at the camp, our leaders were able to organize a Kosher lunch right on the street area in front of the Entertainment Center. Our camp leaders demonstrate such thoughtfulness and organization!

Before the end of camp, a wonderful picnic took place in one of the recreation centers on Lake Danchen. A delicious Kosher barbeque was prepared, and Jewish songs were sung and played with a guitar. A real mishpacha gathered here, since all the children were invited along with their parents! 

Time flew by quickly, but enjoyably. At the end of the camp, all participants received gifts, including kippas with the camp’s emblem. From parents to organizers — hearty gratitude for the care, skill, and professionalism in working with children. Looking forward to seeing you soon, but we do not say goodbye, only see you soon!

Frida Olshanski
A proud Mom

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