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Book Presentation
Journalist Eduard Doks presented “Ukrainian Reporting in Hebrew”

Kiev journalist Eduard Doks presented his book “Ukrainian Reporting in Hebrew” to the community in Moldova. The book consists of illustrated reports by the author written in Hebrew, a collection of photographs, and sections written in English and Ukrainian. Eduward Doks is a refugee from Moldova.

Kishinev Rabbi Mendel Axelrod, who attended the press conference, said that he had first met Eduard Doks under difficult circumstances. The war forced him to leave Kiev and find refuge in Kishinev. “The writers say that a new book is like having a baby. This also applies to Passover, because Passover means the birth of the Jewish people,” Rabbi Axelrod said. “I want to congratulate you on your book and your God-given talents. I hope you will use them to continue to pass on the traditions of our people to future generations!”

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