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A “Corona” Bar Mitzvah in Moldova

Sasha Z. lives in Drochia, a small village four hours away (175 km) from Kishinev. He is very likely the only Jew there. When he saw on Facebook that Chabad of Moldova had prepared Matzah and Seder kits, he traveled the 175 kilometers to come get one, so that he too could make a Seder. Sasha had never attended a Passover Seder in his life.

When he came to the Shul, Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanov offered him to put on Tefillin. He shared with Rabbi Zalmanov that he had never had a Bar Mitzvah or donned Tefillin in his life. Rabbi Zalmanov immediately helped Sasha to don Tefillin, and celebrated his Bar Mitzvah – “Corona style” – with him. Sasha was truly emotional that he was able to celebrate this momentous occasion in his life, even during a time when the whole world is under lockdown. 

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