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Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Community Kishinev and Moldova
Jewish community Chabad Lubavitch Moldova

My High Holidays experience in Kishinev

My daughter Noa and I spent two weeks in Chisinau in September. Knowing in advance that we would be there for the Jewish holidays, we asked Rabbi Zushe to put us in touch with a family with whom we could spend the holidays and Shabbat. So we spent some time talking, and it turned out […]

Sukkot 5782 in Kishinev – a beautiful Sukkot together!

Our community in Kishinev was lucky to enjoy a beautiful Sukkot together.  On the first night of Sukkot, dozens of men and women from our community gathered for a festive prayer and meal in our Sukkah. Each year, we make sure to build a Sukkah that’s large enough to accommodate all those who wish to […]

Mazal Tov! – Meir Shlomo’s Upshernish

What is an upshernish? An upshernish is a ceremony that commemorates a boy’s first haircut, which is performed on his third birthday. This tradition stems from commentary in the Midrash that mentions that a boy’s hair should not be cut until that age. This year, on the 18th of Elul, Meir Shlomo Axelrod turned three […]

Camp Gan Israel – A proud mom

Camp Gan Israel Day Camp Gan Israel took place in Chisinau this summer! Despite how unusual the state of the world is right now, the Jewish children’s camp Gan Israel took place this year with G-d’s help!  For two weeks, a cheerful group of boys and girls from ages one, three, and all the way […]

Great Feedback from the Summer Camp!

Great Feedback from the Summer Camp! Experiences The summer camp has just finished. The time has passed, but the positive memories will remain. Everyone had a wonderful experience. The organizers created a warm, welcoming atmosphere where both the older kids and younger ones felt comfortable, were always keeping busy with interesting and fun activities, and were […]

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