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Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Community Kishinev and Moldova
Jewish community Chabad Lubavitch Moldova

Moldova Jewish Community Honors Kishinev Ghetto

On July 25, Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanov – representing the Central Synagogue and the Jewish community of Kishinev – opened a ceremony honoring the memory of the Kishinev ghetto by laying flowers at the memorial monument on Jerusalem Street. Many members of the Jewish Community of Moldova took part in the ceremony, which was led by […]

The Central Synagogue Roof is Being Restored

Chabad Lubavitch central Synagogue is grateful that our synagogue is being restored. May more good deeds follow. Now, thanks to our generous sponsors, work is currently underway to renovate the roof. Daily prayer services will soon be conducted in a more comfortable setting for all. The community would like to thank all of our sponsors […]

Mazal Tov! David and Bella

The Jewish community of Moldova congratulates Chaya and her family on the marriage of her son, David Ketru, to Bella Vilenkin! You were introduced to each other by HaShem in order to gain wholeness and complement each other. May your home be full of children, health, happiness, and friendship. May your young family build a […]


LONG-AWAITED LAW Moldova has introduced a penalty for Holocaust denial, fascism, propaganda and racism. President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, has prepared an amending law for some of the legislative acts. The Jewish community initiated this law;  since 2013, representatives of the Jewish community have been turning to the government with requests to […]


THE HOLIDAY OF LIBERATION The Jews of Kishinev celebrated the Liberation holiday – 12th-13th of Tamuz, which are the days of the miraculous liberation of the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson (Rebbe Rayatz), from Soviet torture chambers in 1928. The Chassidim of Kishinev annually celebrate it with gathering, preparing delicious meal and singing […]

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