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Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Community Kishinev and Moldova
Jewish community Chabad Lubavitch Moldova

History of a Real Mitzvah

Chabad of Moldova recently invited brothers Rabbi Zalman and Rabbi Yosef Itzhak Gotzel to visit Moldova. They worked together to plan a trip to visit as many small towns and small Jewish communities in Moldova where Jews live and bring them support and the light of Judaism. During the trip, they met with hundreds of […]

Summer at Camp Gan Israel Kishinev Moldova 2022

On August 15th, Camp Gan Israel began in Kishinev for the 32nd year in a row. Each day begins with a dance, the camp anthem, and the modeh ani prayer. The camp makes sure that each child becomes familiar with Jewish life and customs: Kosher food, Kippas for boys, books from Israel, Jewish music.  Camp takes […]

Happy Birthday to Yelena 98 Years Old

Mazal Tov! We celebrated two birthdays at the ZAKA – Chabad Moldova Medical Complex in Kishinev for Ukrainian refugees who were both treated at the ZAKA and Chabad of Moldova complex. Both of their lives were saved thanks to their rescue, and in the coming days they will board a flight to Israel.  Yelena, a 98-year-old Holocaust survivor, arrived at […]

Distribution of Tefilin to Ukrainian refugees during the Lag B’Omer parade in Moldova

Hundreds of Jewish men, women and children from Kishinev, Belz, and Bendry took part in the huge Lag B’Omer parades in Kishinev. On the eve of Lag B’Omer, a parade of kindergarteners took place in the Rashkanovka neighborhood. Hundreds of toddlers joined in as well for the short march with festive songs. The main event […]

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