“Sweet New Year” to the Kishinev and Moldova Jews


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My dear friends,

The High Holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, are just around the corner. During the coming weeks, Jews around the world will prepare to celebrate the New Year with prayer and feasting.  And as we pray for a “sweet New Year,” many of our Jewish brethren are praying for a meal and a warm bed.

While the shackles of communist oppression were broken some twenty years ago, many Jews of Kishinev live under a new form of oppression—crushing poverty. Most have difficulty in overcoming scarcity of food and medical care. Housing and clothing are prohibitively expensive.

Friends of Kishinev Jewry is committed to providing a truly “sweet New Year” this resilient, historic community. We make critical humanitarian aid available to many of in the form of warm clothing, access to medicine and a nutrition program that puts thousands of healthy meals on the tables of the poor and elderly.

With the High Holidays approaching, hundreds turn to our community meals and services to satisfy both physical and spiritual hunger. Even more turn to us for groceries and clothing. It’s hard to believe, but for many Jews something as basic as eyeglasses, a wholesome kosher meal, or a pair of shoes is what makes the New Year truly sweet!

Please make a tax-deductible gift to Friend of Kishinev Jewry and help the Jews of Kishinev and Moldova to enjoy a true meaning of the high holidays.

And in the merit of your kindness, may you enjoy good health and happiness this year and always.

With blessings for a happy and sweet New Year,
Zushe Abelsky | Director

P.S.  Please do not delay, there are hundreds of vulnerable people awaiting your help right now

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