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Jewish Past and Present in Moldova’s Green Capital

08/23/16 Hilary Danailova Travel Writer Whenever we find ourselves someplace my husband regards as particularly ugly or unappealing, Oggi declares, “I’d rather live in Kishinev.” A lot of people prefer not to live in the capital of Moldova, Europe’s poorest city, now known as Chișinău. These include a large number of Moldovan Jews, who […]

Moldova Shluchim put Teffilin on dozens of Israeli guest

Hundreds of Israeli supporters of ‘Ha’poel Be’er Sheva’ came to Moldova for a big soccer game between ‘Ha’poel Be’er Sheva’ and Sherif Tiraspol. The Shluchim of Moldova came to put on Tefillin, with the many Jews there.  

United States Ambassador Mr Pettit Visits Chabad’s Synagogue

The United States Ambassador to Moldova, Jim Pettit, came for a visit to the Chabad Shul in Kishinev, Moldova,. After the tour he and his family members put on Tefillin

Jewish Pride at Moldavian Capital

A thousand men, women and children from the towns of Kishinev and Beltsy joined a Lag B’Omer Parade in commemoration of the passing of the holy Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. They marched up the main streets of Kishinev with live music and colorful signs, to a park where they had a bonfire. There was live […]

Moldova Holds Sedorim Across the Country

Hundreds of Jews across Moldova participated in Sedorim that took place in cities across the country. The main Seder was in Kishinev, led by the Shliach of Moldova, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Abelsky

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Purim ‘Non Stop’ – Moldova 2017

Hundred of Jews in Moldova joined in celebrating the holiday of Purim this year. Megillat Esther readings, Purim meals, Mishloach Manot, and children’s activities were...

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Tu Bishvat and “Hafrashat Challah” in the Art Café for the Kishinev Women

On the Shvat 16 – January 12, our Madrichot: Menucha Zalmanov, Chaya Roitman and Adina Izikovit organized an evening for women, to fulfill a special Mitzvah for women,...

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Yistoky Magazine| March – Adar 2017...

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