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19 Kislev Chasidic Gathering took place in Kishinev Moldova

A special Farbrengen in honor of 19 Kislev A special Farbrengen in honor of 19 Kislev- ‘Chag Ha’Geulah’ (the holiday in which the first Chabad Rebbe was freed from prison). Took place yesterday, Wednesday, in the Chabad Shul in Kishinev, Moldova. Despite the freezing cold, people warmed up with words of Chasidus, and they enjoyed the sweet tunes of Chabad melodies from violinist Mr. Boruch Dubirni.

Kishinev, Bendery and Tiraspol Hundreds Shake Lulav with Chabad

Sukkot 5777 Kishinev Moldova Many hundreds of Jews of Kishinev, Bendery and Tiraspol took part in the joy of Sukkot, congratulated and shook the four species. A lean and compact Sukkah were prepared to reach Jews who arrived in the Sukkah.

Shana Tova! Rosh Hashanah 5777 in Moldova

Happy New Year On the eve of Rosh Hashanah October 2 evening in the synagogue we had an a special prayer and meal. To congratulate Jews with new year came distinguished guests, among whom was and US Ambassador in Moldova James Pettit. About 200 people gathered in the synagogue, for correct and kosher entering the […]

National Minorities Day in Moldova

National Day of Minorities in Kishinev Capital of Moldova Moldova celebrated the day of national minorities. As usual, such meeting couldn’t be without its Jewish community. After all, a lot of us are in Moldova! In addition to kosher treats and delicious kosher wine, to the Jews was given an opportunity to put on tefillin […]

Klezmer Music that recalls the Tears and Joy

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Purim ‘Non Stop’ – Moldova 2017

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