Tu Bishvat and “Hafrashat Challah” in the Art Café for the Kishinev Women

“Hafrashat Challah” in the Art Café

On the Shvat 16 – January 12, our Madrichot: Menucha Zalmanov, Chaya Roitman and Adina Izikovit organized an evening for women, to fulfill a special Mitzvah for women, “Hafrashat Challah”.

It was held in the Art Café, in the center of Kishinev. Approximately thirty women partook in the event. The women separated the Challah, pronounced the blessing, and used this special time to ask G-d for whatever blessings they need and want.

It was a very emotional moment for many of the women. The Madrichot then showed the women how to set a nice table for Shabbat meals. The women took their Challah dough home, and baked it for Shabbat.

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