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To Contact Us Chabad Moldova, help or to find out more, please feel free to contact the following:

  • Moldova
Rabbi Yosef Abelsky,
Chief Rabbi of Kishinev and Moldova
e-mail: Rabbi Abelsky Kishinev 
Rabbi Zushe Abelsky
Director Chabad Lubavitch Moldova
email: Rabbi Zushe Abelsky

Chabad House

Rabbi Mendy Axelrod
Mobile: +373-79-407-709
e-mail: Rabbi Mendy Axelrod
Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanov
Tel: +373-79-446 536


Mrs. Chaya Mushka Axelrod


Kashruth Department

Rabbi Menashe Rochverger



Str. Habad Liubavici 8,
Chișinău, Republica Moldova
+373 22 541 023


  • USA
Rabbi Zushe Abelsky
Friends of Kishinev Jewry
Tel: +1  718 – 756-0458 (USA)
        +373.78.914.280 (Moldova)
  • Israel
עזרת אחים ידידי יהדות קישינייב ומולדובה :אימייל
Mrs. Rachel Maidanchik
Tel: 972.3.9607.920
News and Events

Lag B’omer Parade in Moldova 2017

Lag B’omer Parade in Moldova 2017 For the 28th time This year, men, women and children from the cities of Kishinev and Bendery.  Gathered together, and marched in a...

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Experiencing the holiday of freedom – Passover Moldova 2017

Hundreds celebrated the Passover holiday in Moldova In preparation for the Passover holiday, the Chabad Shluchos organized a Matzah bakery. Enabling dozens of children, and...

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Истоки Жизни

Истоки Жизни Май – Ияр 2017

Yistoky Magazine | May – Yiar 2017 Газета издана на пожертвования Ильи Мулера – в память о дедушке Якове...

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